Personalise your pewter pebble – what will yours say?


Unique personalised pebbles made with your own words



Here is your opportunity to make a unique pewter pebble even more unique!   Let us know what word(s) you would like us to hand stamp and we will do our best to fit them on.  The pebbles measure about 3 cm in diameter (they are hand poured so each one will vary slightly).  This pebble is made from hand poured, lead free, British pewter. When we receive them we lovingly hand sand and hand polish each one.  We hand strike each letter  and detail into the pebble.

Each handmade pewter pebble is approximately 3 cm in diameter. Shapes will vary slightly as each one has been hand poured. Stamping placement will be slightly different as each letter is placed individually by hand.  The indentation is filled with a special ink to bring the words and details to life.  It is quite normal for there to be tiny indentations in the surface of the metal.  The surface of each pebble is naturally undulating, giving your pebble a lovely feel in the hand.  Pewter is naturally a heavy metal and so it feels quite weighty in the hand.  We find them very soothing to hold!

Pebbles are presented in a tin measuring 5cm in diameter nestling in 100 % recycled, natural coloured, shred that is recyclable.  The tin can be reused for trinkets or special treasures making our packaging environmentally friendly as there is no waste.

How to look after your pebble:
Pewter is naturally a silver colour and does not tarnish.  If you have been making lots of wishes and need to shine it up a bit, then use a mild detergent and a soft cloth to buff it up. We use an ink that is a waterproof as possible but if you clean it too much the ink may fade.  Pewter does not like harsh chemicals or chlorinated water and may cause a grey hue.  Pewter is a soft metal and so any little scuffs can be cleaned up with silvo, but use with care where there is lettering so as not to remove the ink.

How do I personalise?
Just pop the words you would like in the comments field in the shopping cart and we will send you some mock ups of possible designs for you to choose from.  Please remember all letters are designs are hand stamped and so placement may vary slightly from the proof.  This product cannot be refunded.

Please allow us about 3-4 (working) days to create your personalised pebble.  We use this time to create a design, send it to you by email so you are happy with it and then make the pebble for you with curing time for the ink.  We take great pride in our products and want you to enjoy them for years to come, hence taking some time to create each piece for you.