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This vegetable ivory pendant necklace is a unique addition to your jewellery collection.  You can either treat yourself or the pendant will make a fabulous gift that will always be treasured.  Become part of this beautiful story from owning this pendant. Each piece of jewellery is unique because it is made from a unique seed.

What is Vegetable Ivory?
Vegetable Ivory is a seed that is produced naturally by the “Phytelephas Macrocarpa” palm tree which is  indigenous to the tropical rain forests of Colombia and some other South American countries. Vegetable Ivory is a sustainable, ethical alternative to elephant ivory because the colour and texture are almost the same. The seed is harvested from the ground and is then dried naturally for up to a year, until it is hard enough to be used. The harvesters remove the first two husks, leaving only the skin, at which point it can be sold to craftsmen. After this, the skin is peeled to expose the white ivory part. This can then be cut or carved into different shapes and then be polished and dyed. The coloured dye  reveals the seed’s beautiful natural patterns and veins.The last part of the process is to perforate each piece according to the design to allow each unique jewellery piece to be assembled. As each seed is unique, so is each piece of jewelry is it crafted into.

Why buy Vegetable ivory?
Importantly vegetable ivory is helping elephant conservation. Additionally, the use of the seeds preserves the rain forest and no harm is done to the trees that produce these seeds. The seeds are grown from regenerative pods from the palm’s trunks and are collected from the ground.  Using the seeds commercially in this way stimulates the economy in South America providing a means of income for harvesters and the artisans who make this unique jewellery.

Meaning of vegetable ivory
Vegetable Ivory has been used by the indigenous tribes of South America for hundreds of years. The tribes believe that the seed is representative of woman because of its great romantic energy.  Additionally, they believe that each person who wears it will be protected by the love of friends and family.

With this lovely backstory to this jewellery, it makes the most wonderful unique gift or something very precious to treat yourself too.

The length of this pendant is adjustable, at full length, the cotton waxed string measures approximately 43 cm.  The seeds vary in size as they are each unique, but on average weight about 32g and are about 4 cm at their widest point.  Shade of blue can vary due to the way each seed takes up the die.

We provide each jewellery piece in a sustainable kraft gift box.


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