ocean bottle an insulated reusable bottle

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ocean bottle an insulated reusable bottle for hot and cold drinks,the most innovative eco-alternative to single-use plastic bottles on the market.

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We are really delighted to be stocking these bottles. For each bottle sold, 1000 plastic bottles (or 11.4 kgs of plastic) are collected to prevent them entering the ocean, isn’t that amazing? This bottle keeps drinks cold and hot and so you will never need a plastic bottle or cup again! And you can also be proud about what your bottle represents.

What makes this bottle different?
Stainless Steel
part made from ocean-bound plastic
Dual opening for pouring drinks,  ice & easy clean
Does not sweat
Matt finish for good grip
Easy Carry Loop
Dishwasher safe
Handy Cup
Insulated for Hot (9 hours) and Cold Drinks (18 hours)
BPA free recyclable plastic
Designed in Norway by critically acclaimed K8 Design
Smart Chip for free donations at refill stations
100% recyclable

Size : 500ml and Weighs 230g

This is quite a list!

The Ocean Bottle is THE best reusable water bottle, not only is it high quality and superbly functional but the business model used to create each bottle has the potential to cut plastic pollution in the ocean massively. The production process for each bottle involves the use of recycled and upcycled plastic, which would otherwise have been floating in our oceans. The ascetics and the ethics of this bottle make it easy to market to your customers. This bottle’s design has so may unique selling points, that make it stand out as a world class reusable bottle. Features include a cup, easy carry loop, anti-leak lid, fully insulated and the ocean plastic base to stop banging on hard surfaces, (which includes smart chip inside – see video for more about this!) In addition it has been made to be dishwasher safe and durable to it can be reused over and over.

The Ocean Bottle is the most innovative eco-alternative to single-use plastic bottles on the market. Created to not only be the best bottle for the you, but also to create a solution to STOP the flow of plastic into our oceans.

For every bottle purchased, Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 11.4kg/25lbs of plastics (or 1000 plastic bottles). To secure the collection of plastics as an economic model most of the funding goes to workers collecting the otherwise ocean bound plastic, while 30% of the funding is donated to increasing plastic collection infrastructure. The production of the bottles is fulfilled by a factory in Shanghai that has been through a rigorous vetting process. The factory is currently applying to receive B Corp Status, they will be one of the only 4 manufacturers of reusable goods to get this.