Eco cleaning starter pack

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Helping you get started in one step, with starting a zero plastic kitchen. Take that step now, and buy your starter pack!

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We know how changing things you have always done can be difficult and confusing. Where to start? We have therefore put together a ‘starter pack’ that will help out with getting you started easily. Take an easy, first step, towards a zero plastic kitchen.

Included in the starter pack are:

  • Washing up soap bar
  • Soap rest
  • Compostable sponge cloth (2 pack, print design may vary depending on what we have in stock)
  • Coconut fibre scrub pad (large)
  • Dish brush in grey, with replaceable head (one head supplied with handle)

Usual price for bundle would be £22.90, we are giving a 10% discount rounded down to £19.99

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