Dish Brush with Replaceable Head with natural plant bristles


A sustainable, vegan dish brush.  Re-use the handle over and over again, and simply replace the head when it is worn out. Bristles are made from plant fibre and so there are no micro-plastics released back to the environment.  Available in different coloured handles.

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This is a great dish brush. Available in various colours to match your kitchen theme and totally plastic free!  The handle is made from mix of silicone and stainless steel that will last and last.  The replaceable head bristles are made from natural Tampico (Tampico is a very robust fibre from the yellow leaf of the agave cactus, which grows only in the highlands of northern Mexico. Tampico has great water-retaining properties, is resistant and hard-wearing, and keeps its shape without softening). The wooden part of the replaceable head is made from FSC® beech wood.  Each dish brush is also suitable for vegans. The whole brush is plastic free and so will not pollute the environment making this a sustainable swap from plastic products. The brush head will not scratch surfaces and is compostable at the end of its life.

To clean use hot water from the tap, this is not suitable to be placed in the dishwasher.

What we like about this dish brush

The handle will just go on forever and you can just get a new head each time it wears out.  We love how a new tree will be planted for each brush bought.  It is comfortable to hold and easily cleans pots and pans.

Brush heads are made in Germany and the handle is made in China.

Available in a range of attractive colours – Petrol, Black, Grey, Burgundy & Pink

Brush Head diameter: 4cm and the handle (not including the head) is approximately 18 cm long.

The heads are interchangeable with the refill heads from our other range of dish brushes.

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