Coconut fibre soap rest

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A soap rest or holder made from coconut fibres. Another easy way to make swaps from plastic to sustainable. We really like the way this look on the sink, how it easily rinses under the tap and how it keeps the soap bar really dry between uses.

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We have our soap on this great coconut fibre soap rest and we think it looks great.  It allows the bar to dry out between uses. It is made from coconut fibre and so there are no plastics in this product.  It is 100% biodegradable and compostable at the end of its life. It is really easy to clean, just run it under the tap, it is the same principle as our coconut scouring pads but with thicker and coarser fibres.

What we like about these coconut soap rests

They look good and they are quirky and different and do a great job of keeping the soap bar dry between uses.

Size: 7cm x 10cm (approximately)

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