coconut fiber scourer


a pack of 2 coconut fiber scourers

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This pack of 2 coconut fiber scourers can be used in the kitchen and the bathroom.  These are made, as you might have guessed from the name, from coconut fiber.  This makes these scourers sustainable, vegan and plastic free.  They are great on hard surfaces, do not scratch non stick pans, free from toxic chemicals, biodegradable and easily removes mould!  The coconut fibre scourers are also naturally antibacterial. We did do some research on the antibacterial effect of coconut fiber as we were a bit sceptical. There is a fair amount of research on the internet, for example, significant contribution to oral health (research paper, here).  There was also other research articles online that are beyond our understanding, but is very interesting!

A pack of 2 EcoCoconut Scourers. Made with coconut fibre. Safe on non-stick fry pans.

Origin : made ethically in Sri Lanka


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