blue wooden sailing boat


hand carved blue wooden sailing boat with red, white and blue flags

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Blue wooden sailing boat with red stripe and white sail. You can just imagine yourself on the ocean in this blue wooden sailing boat!  The blue, white and red flags are strung on a line making it seem very real!  Will create a great addition to any room.

Each one is unique having been hand carved by artisans in Bali, Indonesia.  This area of the world is famous for its tradition of wood carving over many centuries past.   The paints are lead free and the wood is sourced from locally replaceable softwood.  This is produced under fair trading terms that benefit the village community.

The length of the base is approximately 14 cm along the bottom, the width of the base is approximately 4.5 cm at its widest point.  The height of the boat from base to top of the sail is approximately 25 cm. All dimensions are approximate due to the hand made nature of this product.

Not suitable as a children’s toy.