about us

How we got here
A change happened in our family that led us to an understanding beyond what we had just accepted as a modern way of life. We had blindly accepted the modern world that promotes simplicity and ease, rights but no responsibility, a throwaway society that tells us new is best. That we should have spotless homes cleaned with harsh chemicals or else we will not be safe. We started to ask if this was right?

We started to look more closely and question, what we ate, what we used to clean our house to how we fed our dogs. We have had the privilege of meeting some amazing people who have educated us about a more healthy and sustainable way of life that is more in tune with the planet we inhabit. We left the fumes and pollution of the over-crowded south-east of England. We have moved to the beautiful village of Rockfield, lying on the shores of the Moray Firth in the Highlands of Scotland. We have found the people that live here amazing, not to mention the ocean, beaches, mountains, lochs, dolphins and other wildlife that we share this amazing place with.

What we have done
We wanted to create our own way of life, living by our own principles that we feel comfortable with. We have done our best to use products that have improved the air quality in our home, lessened our carbon footprint and reduced the chemicals we use and release into the environment. This is not to say we are perfect at all, more a work in progress and trying to improve every day. 

We set up our café and gift shop in the village in the spring of 2019, doing our best to continue and share this way of living.  

We are currently rebuilding and so we are closed to the public currently. Keep up to date with our progress by following us on Facebook, there is a handy icon below. 

Our ethos:
We wanted to bring together a selection of products that support the principles of: handmade, ethical, natural and sustainable; made by artisan producers, both Scottish and further afield. We also have our own Star Dreme products in development.  Currently, on our website, this is our cakes, and we will be adding to this in the future.  

Coffee: Over the summer our coffee shop used specialty coffee beans, find out more what specialty coffee is all about here. In essence the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) ensure that the farmers who grow the coffee beans you enjoy are paid a proper living wage (not a fair trade wage). In addition to this, the SCA ensure that proper investment is made at the source (the farmers).

The coffee was such a huge hit we are going to be able to provide you with the same beans, ground coffee and also pods for Nespresso machines that you enjoyed with us. Star Dreme coffee in your home!

Cakes: If you are having a Star Dreme coffee, at home, then you need some dremey cake to go with it! Just as you did when you came down to see us in the summer. If you are local or on holiday here, then you can order a cake from us for collection only.  We are sorry that we are unable to ship cakes. At time of launching our website you will find our famous carrot cake ready to order.  More types of cake will come as quickly as we can. All cakes are handmade, with fresh ingredients and we source as much local produce as we can.

Fudge: This has been another massive hit. As with all Star Dreme handmade food we source the best ingredients we can find with as much local produce we can find. We are always pleased to hear from local producers to add to our suppliers.  

Ice cream: Everyone was crazy for our ice cream, both vegan and dairy ice cream, over the summer! We ate a fair bit of it ourselves! Due to the refit we are currently going through, we are unable to produce ice cream at the moment. But don’t worry, this won’t be permanent! We will update you on this, via Facebook, and here,once we are up and running again.

Gifts for the home, you and the ones you love:  We use a lot of the products you will find on the website, in our home. We only supply products we have seen that are of good quality and meet the principles stated above (some products will fit one principle, some more than one principle).  

The environment: We try to be as sustainable as possible. We have adopted the ‘three R’s’ – Recycled, Re-usable and Responsibly produced. We take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We have set ourselves the ambitious target of being carbon neutral.  As for everyone, this will be a journey, but we relish the challenge! We are always improving our carbon footprint in relation to the business and our home. We will have a page about this very soon so you can see our progress, and maybe give us some tips!

The start of this website: We felt it was time to launch the website. Please bear with us. We are working really hard to get as many products up as we can. Keep checking back to see our progress.

Feedback: We love it, get in touch and tell us what you would like to see here, along with any suggestions or ideas!