about us

How we got here
A change happened in our family that led us to an understanding beyond what we had just accepted as a modern way of life. We had blindly accepted the modern world that promotes simplicity and ease, rights but no responsibility, a throwaway society that tells us new is best. That we should have spotless homes cleaned with harsh chemicals or else we will not be safe. We started to ask if this was right?

We started to look more closely and question, what we ate, what we used to clean our house to how we fed our dogs. We have had the privilege of meeting some amazing people who have educated us about a more healthy and sustainable way of life that is more in tune with the planet we inhabit. We left the fumes and pollution of the over-crowded south-east of England. We have moved to the beautiful village of Rockfield, lying on the shores of the Moray Firth in the Highlands of Scotland. We have found the people that live here amazing, not to mention the ocean, beaches, mountains, lochs, dolphins and other wildlife that we share this amazing place with.

What we have done
We wanted to create our own way of life, living by our own principles that we feel comfortable with. We have done our best to use products that have improved the air quality in our home, lessened our carbon footprint and reduced the chemicals we use and release into the environment. This is not to say we are perfect at all, more a work in progress and trying to improve every day. 

In the Spring of 2019 we set up our café and gift shop in the village, doing our best to continue and share this way of living.  Then at the start of 2020 the Corona virus arrived and the impact on our business was huge. We had to close and we have not been able to reopen the café due to limited space.  During this period we both had to return to our original jobs whilst we re-configured the business.  We will not be reopening as a café but instead an online shop (in time you will be able to visit us as well, but not yet) with beautiful personalised items of jewellery and personalised gifts, all hand-made by us.

We are currently in a development phase.  The website is undergoing a total overhaul, so please bear with us.  Most of items we used to sell are now in our clearance section, so take advantage of the 20% discount you will find there. 

We have a range of Christmas decorations that will be available very shortly.

And finally, a whole new range of personalised jewellery and gifts that we are busy making by hand coming very soon.  We are launching a very small range, hopefully in time for Christmas, and will be adding much, much more in 2021.

Watch this space, many exiting things coming, stay safe

Jane and Lee x